What We Do

AAP currently implements projects across Somalia under six core programs guided by our three strategic goals: Providing Humanitarian Assistance, Building Resilience, and Promoting Peace and Security.

At the heart of AAP’s operations is our humanitarian response to natural and manmade hazards such as droughts, floods, and conflict impacting Agro-Pastoralist communities in our target countries.

We recognise sustainable development outcomes cannot be delivered to our target communities without ensuring peace and stability.  We work directly with communities to build their capacity in peace building, combining both traditional and modern techniques to conflict mitigation and resolution.

The impact of disasters on community development in our target areas is severe. Our programs aim to improve the resilience of Agro-pastoral communities so they can effectively recover from the effects of shocks (natural disaster, conflict, and economic instability) and continue working towards sustainable development.

Programme Pillars.

There should be an effective and efficient response to societal issues that affect the poor, orphaned and vulnerable in the community. AAP understands this and are working to create change through the following pillars:

Education Access : AAP seeks to increases access to secondary and tertiary education and improve tomorrow’s leaders by providing scholarships, academic support, mentoring, internships, college counselling, and leadership training to academically-promising yet poor young people in counties in Kenya. In doing so, APP helps young people break the cycle of poverty and become leaders in the workplace, country and in the world.

Financial Knowledge : Through financial literacy training, AAP improves individual and household financial capability and security. This connects women, youth, and communities to expertly manage their financial resources.

Financial Involvement : By training and mentoring, AAP supports efforts to increase poor people’s access to useful financial services and to formally incorporate them into the sector, helping them to edge themselves out of poverty.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship : Through enterprise development, financial literacy training and employability initiatives as a package, provides beneficiaries with the opportunity to pilot small and medium sized enterprises or obtain employment in the formal sector. AAP encourages employment creation and economic growth by providing micro and small business persons with advisory services, mentoring, and business development training

Agriculture : AAP encourages and works with small sized farmers to increase growth of on-farm income and investment by increasing agriculture production, improving market linkages and firming up business administrative systems. In doing so, AAP is assisting to grow farm revenues, create employment, and contribute to continued growth in the area.

Health : Healthcare is key to an all-inclusive approach to help build empowered and healthy generations. We lead efforts to increase access to affordable, cost effective, high-quality, and standardised health services for poor families and participate in wellness programmes.

Environment : We promote the conservation and smart use of natural resources by expanding forest cover and promoting the use of renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies. In addition, it promotes safe disposal of all forms of waste including electronic waste.

Water and Sanitation

The lack of adequate WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) services negatively impacts the well-being and productivity of Kenya’s growing population. Improving water security and sanitation for households is our priority

Community empowerment

Our programs are based on an innovative, holistic approach, which empowers women, youth and men living in rural villages to become the agents of their own development and make sustainable progress in overcoming hunger and poverty.